Monday, March 14, 2011

The form template is not browser-compatible

I have some InfoPath forms that I need to upload, I keep getting this error, "The form template is not browser-compatible. It might be possible to correct the problem by opening the form template in Microsoft Office InfoPath, and then republishing it."

Except, I can't figure out why. It will disappear after some beating.

These are Administrator Approved Browser-enabled Forms, they must be uploaded in Central Administration.

Some things I try when getting this to upload:
There was no Submit sheesh, make submit option to "using rules"
Publish to a document library on the server.... oy vey its Admintrator Approved...
Changed submit options on and off, set verions higher, published to library, Published to library, uploaed. worked
Submit may not contain &...I took out the & shortcut key
Close all pages that show the form... not sure...
Switch off caching of data connections
Got to certificates, install to recommended, install to trusted certificates authority, then publish to moss, then file and upload...have since found that the code signing makes no difference
Took off submit, published to sharepoint library, then to network
Added digital certificate, published to sharePoint, then to network/file system

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