Monday, March 14, 2011

Find Tables in SQL by column names

if you are like me and often get called in to stabilize a disaster, you will need to get an understanding of the database really fast, and seen as its a disaster there will be no-one to explain the schema

This useful script will help you to find the links

find tables in sql with cols =

DECLARE search_Cursor CURSOR
FOR select from sysobjects o where like 'XXX%' and type = 'u' order by

OPEN search_Cursor

declare @TableName varchar(100)

FETCH NEXT FROM search_Cursor
INTO @TableName


declare @ExecString varchar(250)

select @ExecString = ' select * from ' + @TableName + ' where Status = ''' + 'd' + ''''

print @ExecString
exec (@ExecString)

FETCH NEXT FROM search_Cursor
INTO @TableName


CLOSE search_Cursor
DEALLOCATE search_Cursor

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